“The deepest moments of intimacy occur when you're not talking.”
- Patricia Love

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As a Gynaecologist specializing in aesthetic gynaecology or cosmetic vaginal surgery, Dr Gitesh Rampersadh is compassionate about empowering women. Understanding the way a woman feels in her skin is directly related to her self-esteem, Dr Rampersadh offers a wide range of treatments for common urological and gynaecological conditions that effect women’s intimate areas include laxity, dryness, painful scars and asymmetry of the lips of the vagina.

Since these problems often lead to a decrease in a women's self-confidence and femininity with resultant decrease in the quality of both her personal and sexual life, Dr Rampersadh welcomes you to a consultation to see which surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments may be beneficial for you personally.

Utilizing cutting edge medical advancements in technology and techniques, Dr Rampersadh can treat the following feminine conditions, symptoms and complications:


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