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I was very apprehensive about consulting with Dr Rampersadh. His staff were so courteous and helpful that I felt at home. The laser vaginal treatment was so quick that I didn’t realise it was over. The results were obvious even after the first treatment. I will gladly recommend Dr Rampersadh and his staff.
- Miss MV

I was coming from the UAE and asked to have all three laser treatments in one week. I was very surprised when Dr Rampersadh told me I was wasting my money. I therefore consulted with him and he advised me to have a surgical vaginal tightening as the laser treatment would not help me. I postponed my return and had the repair. The clinic kept in contact with me regularly in the UAE. After six weeks when I tried, I can only say AWESOME. Thank you so much AGLaser Clinic.
- Mrs. SG

I had two normal vaginal deliveries and felt my vagina very loose. Dr Rampersadh did a surgical vaginal repair. I felt very comfortable with his caring attitude and meticulous care post –operatively. When I did have intercourse, it was the first time.
- Mrs. KM

I was always very self-conscious after the colour of my labia. I consulted with Dr Rampersadh and had the laser bleaching. Dr Rampersadh was very conservative in what he promised but I am so pleased with the results. Now I am so sure of myself and my esteem and confidence has improved. I would recommend Dr Rampersadh anytime.
- Miss SEM


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