Laser Labial Bleaching

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Laser Labial Bleaching

What is laser labial bleaching?
Laser labial bleaching or lightening refers to the process whereby darker coloured tissues from your intimate area are removed using a special and high technology laser beam. Discoloration, darkening and regional staining can occur on the outer genital region (the labia majora which is the area covered with hair) due to various factors including genetics, hormonal changes, age or childbirth. This aesthetic gynecological treatment offers women a solution to increase self-confidence.

Why is it performed?
Laser labial bleaching aims to remove darkened tissues in the vaginal area or in the perineum (the area around the anus). Some women who do not like the appearance of darkened skin and experience sexual dysfunction may choose to undergo this procedure for cosmetic reasons, and it is highly effective in improving one’s self-confidence.

How does it work?
The procedure generally requires three or more sessions, and is performed with the use of latest generation laser technology. Each session of genital area bleaching typically takes around fifteen minutes. In order to perform laser labial bleaching, Dr Rampersadh will first apply a local anaesthetic cream to the area, before injecting the area so that it is completely numb. Next, the laser will be applied. During this intimate bleaching session, the goal for the laser is to peeling the upper skin layer by thermal effect of the laser allowing the superficial layer of skin to peel off. This removes the source of the dark colour and allows the vivid, shiny and pinkish skin to be revealed.

The results of laser labial bleaching usually appear after 1 month. After the treatment, it is very important to keep the area dry and clean to prevent infection. Dr Rampersadh may prescribe a topical cream as well as a course of antibiotics. It is completely normal to feel some mild discomfort and sensitivity for a few days following the treatment. In this case, your doctor will prescribe pain medication to help you deal with the pain while you recover. It is recommended that you refrain from having sex for around 3-4 days after the treatment.

Laser labial bleaching has permanent results, although it can take up to six months to see the results. Dr Rampersadh will advise you as to how many treatment sessions you require.


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