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What is perineoplasty?
Perineoplasty, or perineal repair, is a surgical procedure that is performed in order to repair tissue in the area from the vaginal opening to the anus, tightening the vagina at the same time. The perineum is the area located between the anus and the vagina. A perineal repair addresses both vaginal laxity, sexual dysfunction and aesthetic concerns after vaginal delivery. Perineal repair is commonly done after childbirth where the perineal tissue has been damaged or torn. The perineum refers to the area between the vagina and the rectum, and is an area of tissue that is easily torn during childbirth. When the tearing heals, it is quite common for the tissue to become uneven and disfigured resulting in vaginal looseness, and scarring in this area may make intercourse uncomfortable or painful.

Why is it performed?
The procedure is ideal for women who feel that their vaginal tissue has loosened as a result of childbirth or ageing. For women who desire a tighter appearance to the perineum for either aesthetic or health reasons, a perineoplasty, also called a perineorrhaphy, can be performed. It is also a good option for those who suffer from decreased sexual sensation, discomfort and itching or significant changes in bowel habits.

Perineoplasty is very effective at repairing damaged tissue, and returning it to a state similar to pre-pregnancy. It is also helpful in tightening and restoring muscles, as well as narrowing the vagina, which can enhance sexual pleasure.

How does it work?
The perineoplasty typically only requires local anesthesia and takes around 60 minutes to complete. During the procedure, Dr Rampersadh will make a small incision in the wall of the vagina and remove any damaged tissue with the use of a special laser. The laser equipment allows your surgeon to make very precise incisions, with no damage to surrounding tissue. The muscles and remaining tissue are then stitched back together, leaving minimal scarring. Additional procedures such as a vaginoplasty or labiaplasty may also be done after perineal repair surgery. Dr Rampersadh will use stitches that will dissolve in a short period of time as your tissue heals.

Most patients are able to return to work within 1 week and normal activities can be resumed 4 weeks after perineal repair surgery. Sexual intercourse should however be avoided for at least 6 weeks. With perineoplasty a woman’s confidence and levels of sexual pleasure can be restored.


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